Locks Types



The need to lock up has been with Man since very early days. Ancient civilizations have been creating innovative new locks (new for their times) every since surplus production allowed hoarding of wealth. Our vast array of Locks on offer is effective for all types of wealth to be made secure. The Protection of different types of wealth has made a huge number of types of security protection mandatory. As the complexity of the need for locks multiplied with time, the Lock Types (Deadbolt, Doorknob, Lever Handle, Keyless Locks) have proliferated.

The Common Types

The simplest type we provide is the Deadbolt Lock. The Single Cylinder Deadbolts are usually used in combination on the exterior doors with a Lever Handle or keyed Door Knob. These are unlocked with a key on the outside, and a thumb turns on the inside. We also supply Double Cylinder Deadbolts. These are unlocked or locked on either side with a single key. Our Lever Lock with door handle is normally used on a back-plate. These are built up with a lever and a keyhole just under it. A key finely cut by us can be inserted into the door. This then controls a mortise sash lock.

The Latest

Our Keyless Locks are the most efficient, high security, and stylish in the market for Security and Safety today. Some of these are:

  • Bluetooth-Enabled Deadbolts.
  • Flex-Lock and Auto-Lock Keyless Locks.
  • Smart-Code Keypad Deadbolts.
  • Touchscreen Keyless Locks.
  • Deadbolts with ZWave.
  • Digital Deadbolt Door Locks.

These special Locks can be fitted by us as fully customized, to suit Customer needs perfectly.

Door Locks

The Consultation

We offer FREE Consultation to our potential and listed Customers on all aspects of Lock Systems, however large the installations. We offer the best advice to our Customers. All the Lock Types (Deadbolt, Doorknob, Lever Handle, Keyless Locks) are covered by us.

Re-Key Locks


Locks Re-keying

If you have been in a situation where your home or business keys got broken as a result of mishandling or thieves damaged your house keys and broke into your residence, this might have prompted you to consider changing your key locks. Most people in this situation do not even know that there is a better and cheaper option of re-keying their locks, rather than changing them completely.

Well, you may want to ask why this is so important? The answer is simple because you will be saving a lot of money in rekeying. Most locksmiths take advantage of the fact that people are not aware of the differences and rather than making them know the options, they recommend the costly option for their customers.

This article will give you the insight to determine whether to ‘’re-key’’ or change your locks entirely.

First, let us know what re-keying a lock means.

The process of changing an old lock with a new one is self-explanatory but rekeying a damaged lock requires some explanations. Now, to rekey a lock, the locksmith needs to have its matching key. Without the matching key, the only remedy is to pick it open, which might not be a problem for an experienced locksmith. What it requires is an extra cost which can be costly than changing the entire lock.

It is ideal to know that rekeying will not distort the security of your lock, neither will it make it more secure. What actually guarantees a lock to be secure is the number of pins in it. Therefore, it is only when the locksmith swaps the old pins with the new ones that the lock becomes better.Rekeying

There are several benefits of rekeying instead of changing the complete lock. Here are they:

Why Re-keying is a great solution? 

Cheap Key Pins

The reason rekeying is cheaper is because of cheap key pins. This method will only require you to pay for labor, whereas when you change your locks, you’re paying for both parts and labor.

One important feature to note here is that all the locks come with an option to rekey. This helps you to clear every doubt whether you need to rekey or not. However, the method of re-keying different locks is never the same because they make use of different tools.

Re-key Do by Yourself

Changing a normal house key can be done with a good screwdriver. The task does not require serious learning but needs you to have the right equipment, which may be expensive though. You can find a nice pinning tool that can re-key most locks for two hundred and fifty dollars, which invariably costs more than ten key locks.

Well, in all of these, one amazing thing with this rekeying idea is that there are new types of locks that offer an option to easily rekey, without talking the lock to a locksmith. Locks like Kwikset smart key are increasingly becoming popular as technology advances, even when they can sometimes develop faults.

Conclusively, comparing the differences between re-keying locks and changing locks, I’ll recommend a re-key, especially are in good condition.

Mobile Locksmith

Mobile Locksmith

Mobile Locksmith Services in Glendale Arizona

When you are in the middle of an emergency lock situation and in need of a locksmith service, trying to find your way around different locksmith shops can be a hassle. At Glendale Locksmith 24, we offer fast and professional mobile locksmith services to residents and businesses around Glendale AZ – to ensure you continue your daily activity without any difficulty. Although most locksmiths are commonly known for their lockout services, we offer a variety of services to meet your specific needs.

Our mobile locksmith services include:

  • Car locksmith services – including ignition repairs, lock installations, extraction of broken car keys, car key replacement.
  • Residential locksmith services – including lock replacement, lock installation, repair of window locks, home key duplication, and repair of damaged house alarm services.
  • Commercial locksmith services – including office lockouts, commercial locks rekeying, and repair of broken or damaged locks.

Whether your car, home, or office is affected, you can count on us to provide a fast response to your needs at a pocket-friendly rate. Our vans are not only fully equipped to handle your specific situation, but we provide 24/7 services so we can attend to you at any time of the day.

Mobile LocksmithMobile Locksmiths Near you

Being locked out of your home, office or car can be frustrating. Worse still, this may even occur at odd hours of the day. Whatever the case, you can count on us. Whether your ignition is damaged, you are locked out of your car, or your home key requires a replacement or rekey, we are the mobile locksmith near you. No matter where you are in Glendale AZ, you can rest assured our emergency locksmith service has your needs covered.

24-hour Mobile Locksmith Glendale AZ

We do not only offer fast and professional locksmith services, but we are available to serve you at any time – day or night. Our technicians are courteous and we pride ourselves on speedy and efficient delivery.

You do not have to worry about the specific demands of your lock-related problem. Our mobile locksmiths are always equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to ensure you do not experience any delays and wait periods. We understand how difficult sitting out in the cold or during odd hours can be for anyone. As such, our emergency locksmith service has been structured in such a way that you can count on us to quickly get back to your life in no time. Yes, we work round the clock – call us today at (623) 742-2375 and we will send our locksmiths to attend to your needs immediately.

Moving in? Call a Locksmith

Moving In Locksmith

Moving in a New Home/Office/Business? Call a Locksmith!

The agreement has been signed and you are now the proud owner of a new home, office, or business property. Congratulations!

The whirlwind associated with moving into a new property usually makes it easy to overlook the need to change the locks, but thinking about the number of people that may already have your duplicate keys is frightening already. For the safety of your family and valuables, we recommend that you change the locks.

Why change the locks?

Moving into a new property can be a very exciting, yet stressful experience so it is hardly surprising that some may overlook changing locks as an important task. While the previous occupants of the property will present the set of keys attached to the property, it is very unlikely that you know exactly the number of keys that were available in the set unless they were people you knew and trusted. If the locks are not changed after moving in, you would be exposing yourself, your loved ones, and your valuables to burglars.

New Home Locksmith

Glendale Locksmith 24

Glendale Locksmiths can replace locks on doors in residential apartments, offices, or commercial properties. We provide our professional services 24 hours a day, for 7 days a week – and can schedule a visit at any time of your convenience. Our services are extensive and tailored to your specific needs.

When you move into a new apartment, office, or business location, there are lots of factors to be considered for the security of your property. Of course, you would want the best locks for all of the doors. Our understanding of the functioning of different lock systems ensures we are able to access key areas of the property and determine the lock that best fits a specific area.

At Glendale Locksmith 24, our services are tailored to fit your needs and budget – we are your one-stop-shop for all your lock and key needs. We understand that every home, office, or business would require different levels of security – and you can count on us to provide only the best for your property.

Are you moving into a new home, office space, or commercial property? Glendale Locksmith 24 provides specific solutions to your security needs. You can rely on us to provide fast and professional locks changing services as we are available at any time of the day. Feel free to contact us at (623) 742-2375.

Car Key Replacement

Car Key Replacement Glendale AZ

Car Key Replacement

You may think of locksmiths as someone who will get you inside your home or car when you’ve locked your keys inside but wouldn’t think to call them for much more. The truth is that skilled locksmith technicians are trained at so many more tasks than picking a lock. They are also able to provide you with a car key replacement, even the more technologically advanced electronic keys that you thought only a car dealership could handle.

When you buy that brand new car, you’re usually handed two sets of keys and no more. You may think that will be all the keys you ever need for your car, but time goes on and one key wears out or is lost, and then perhaps the same happens to the second key. When you need your car key replaced, don’t feel intimidated by the new electronic key fobs or remote starter systems.

Program Electronic Car Keys

It’s one thing to need a traditional, possibly seemingly old-fashioned, metal key replaced. However, the situation seems a bit more overwhelming when your car key requires programming or re-programming in addition to or instead of physically cutting a piece of metal with grooves to fit your car. What happens when you have a complicated electronic key fob or transponder key that needs to be replaced? No problem! While others are running to their car dealership and paying over-inflated prices to get a new key, you could save a lot of time and money by calling a skilled locksmith instead. Many are trained to reprogram keys.Car Key Replacement

Broken Car Key Replacement

Oh, that dreaded realization that the key in your hand, after attempting to turn the ignition, open the car door or trunk, is only a part of the key. The other half is broken off inside your ignition, door, or trunk. When your key is broken or lost, you need a replacement quickly. Maybe, your key broke off inside the ignition, and you’ll also need to extract the broken piece before a new key will even work to start your vehicle. A certified locksmith will be able to help you with both.

Lost Car Key Replacement

One of the most common reasons to need a car key replaced is that you have lost your keys. You reach into your pocket or go to grab the keychain where the car key always hangs, and there is not key. It’s gone! You’ve lost your car key. Now what? Your mind will quickly go up and down the list of where the key could be and how could this happen? Regardless of how it happened that you lost your key, the brutal fact you now face is that without a key to start your car, you won’t be able to use your vehicle. You need a new car key to replace the one you lost, and you probably need it right away.

You don’t have to wait for an appointment at your car dealership and pay exorbitant prices to get a replacement key for your car. Call a knowledgeable automobile locksmith now for fast response time with services that come to you in no time for all of your car key replacement needs. When you need a car key replacement, call a trusted locksmith from Glendale Locksmith 24.

What is transponder key?

Transponder Key

Transponder Key

To start your car, there are several different key options that will turn that ignition. There are traditional mechanical keys, electronic key fobs, and transponder keys. If you’re wondering, what is a transponder key, the following is an easy-to-understand description.

Like most areas of our lives, car keys have advanced in technology over the years. What once was a metal key mechanically cut with specific grooves to fit into an ignition is now a simple touch of the button, and your car starts. As new as they may seem, the technology that goes into transponder keys has actually been around for more than two decades.

A transponder key is most commonly used to unlock and start a vehicle but is also used in keyless entry systems, garage doors, gates, or homes. The transponder key’s name is made up of two words: Transmitter and Responder to form the term, “transponder”. A transponder key is a device that has been designed to transmit a radio signal from the device you hold in your hands to a remote receiver. When used for cars, each transponder key is programmed to start a specific vehicle. Since your key will only unlock or start your specific vehicle, it cuts down on the possibility of theft.Transponder Key

Most cars nowadays come with at least a keyfob remote. Many have a transponder key that not only unlocks the doors, opens the back gate or trunk, and turns on the alarm system but also starts and stops the engine. These keys have become popular not only for their convenience but also because, in the eyes of insurance companies, they make the vehicle virtually theft-proof. However, thieves are always working to figure out ways around theft-proof devices, so be aware. When you purchase a car that operates with a transponder key, the automobile manufacturer has usually programmed the car to fit the transponder key.

If you own an older model vehicle, it is possible to have it retrofitted for a transponder key. To make sure this is done correctly, you should contact an automobile dealership or a qualified, skilled, and knowledgeable automotive locksmith to do the job for you. Keep in mind, to retrofit a vehicle with a transponder key can be costly but the benefits may be well worth the expense.

Transponder Key Programming

For a transponder key to operate properly, it must first be programmed. The transmitter contains a small microchip that has a serial number that is unique to that specific microchip and set up during the initial programming of the transponder key. The way it works is, for instance, when you want to unlock your car door or start your vehicle, the microchip transmits a request to the vehicle to validate the serial number. If the vehicle does not recognize the serial number, it will not respond.

Always keep a spare transponder key on hand since reprogramming them can be costly, but don’t worry if you lose your keys. When you need to know what is a transponder key or have one you need set up and programmed, call us at Glendale Locksmith 24.

Home and car spare key

Home Spare Key

Why you need a spare key for your car and home and how to hide them

When you find yourself locked out or that your keys have been lost or stolen, it suddenly becomes apparent as to why it’s important to keep a spare key in an out-of-the-way spot where only you will be able to access it when needed. The following are the reasons why you need a spare key for your car and home and how to hide them.

Hide a spare key in a spot that is not obvious. You’ve probably heard of people who tuck a spare house key under the welcome mat or in a magnetic compartment within reach on their vehicle. While hiding the spare is a great idea, it’s very important that you take care of where or how you choose to hide them. You don’t want a crook to lift your welcome mat and enter your home.

Spare KeyThe best place to keep a hidden key is with a trusted friend, neighbor, or family member who is willing to bring you the key when you need it. If a neighbor or a close-by friend or relative is not an option, use some creativity and keep a spare key hidden in these clever places:

Tucked In Your Vinyl Siding of Your Home – Tie your key to a string of fishing line, and find a specific spot in your vinyl that is unsuspecting to passers-by. When it comes time to use the spare key, simply go to the spot and pull the fishing line to recover the key.

Bury the key – Find a spot in your yard, preferably not near the front door, where you can buy your key. To make sure the key does not rust and that you can retrieve it when needed, first place it inside a plastic medicine bottle. Under The Deck out of sight or inside a dryer vent or meter box are a couple of clever spots as well.

Inside a Birdhouse – Tucked under your welcome mat is a welcome invitation for a thief, but who would suspect the bird’s house contains a key to your front door.

Underneath the Dog House or On Dog’s Collar – If a burglar has to potentially disturb a dog to find your key, it is definitely a deterrent. So, hiding your key under the dog house is a good idea. An even safer place to discreetly and securely attach it directly to your dog’s collar.

Out of Sight On Your Car – If you store your car key inside a magnetic box under the bumper, make sure it is tucked away in an unsuspecting spot or in a box that requires a combination or key to open. If the key is a traditional metal cut key, you can unscrew one of your license plate screws and slip the key onto the bolt behind the license plate.

Keyless Entry Locks – If you are prone to losing your keys, an electronic keyless entry system may be your best idea. These systems do away with the need for a key altogether.

Key Services

When you cannot find your keys or your keys are locked inside, you will be glad that you have tucked away a spare key. Our professionals at Glendale Locksmith 24 are ready to come to your location when you lose your car or home key and wish you had taken the time to hide a spare.

Double Sided Deadbolt

Double Sided Deadbolt

Double-Sided Deadbolt

How is a double-sided deadbolt different from a single-sided deadbolt lock? A double sided deadbolt, sometimes called a double cylinder deadbolt lock, requires a key to open both sides of the lock whereas the common single-sided deadbolt that is used in homes usually requires a key to open the outside while the inside has a knob to turn for locking or unlocking. The answer is simple, but the results of the lock you choose could mean the difference between keeping your family, home, or office safe or endangering them.

Choosing the best lock is very important. When you are looking for the best locks to keep you, your family, your employees, or your property secure, Consider these helpful tips as to the benefits and possible cons of a double-sided deadbolt lock:


Benefits of double sided deadbolts

The biggest benefit to the double-sided deadbolt is that it is designed to provide a higher level of security by making it more difficult for an intruder to unlock or pick the lock. Double-sided deadbolts are considered to be one of the safest lock choices for your home. While the common, single-sided deadbolt provides security, if there is a window within arm’s reach of the door, a burglar could break the window and easily reach in and turn the knob on the inside of the deadbolt to gain entry. The double sided deadbolt, on the other hand, would require a key to open on both the inside and the outside of the door, so even if a would-be crook broke the small window next to the door, he or she would not be able to turn the lock open.

Another benefit of a double sided deadbolt is keeping those inside safe. Just as important as keeping would-be robbers out is keeping those you love who need extra protection inside. If you have small children or an adult with dementia, a double sided deadbolt that requires a key to open it regardless of whether you are on the outside or in, safely secures those you love and care about inside the building. Of course, you must also secure or limit access to the key.

Double Sided Deadbolt
Double-Sided Deadbolts
Cons of a double sided deadbolt

The biggest con of a deadbolt that requires a key to open whether you are on the inside or the outside of the door is that the very things that make it difficult for intruders to break into your property are the very things that also make it more difficult for those inside to get out in case of an emergency. In a fire, for instance, you would have to first locate the key to the double sided deadbolt in order to exit the danger in the building.

An emergency exit door must be easily opened without using any keys. A double sided deadbolt should never be installed on an emergency exit door. Even if the door is not currently considered to be an emergency exit only door, once a double sided deadbolt is installed on the door, you will not be able to use it as an emergency exit.


Choosing a Double-Sided Deadbolt All Comes Down To Safety and Preference

Making a decision as to which lock is the better choice to secure your home or office is important. The safety of your family or commercial property is at stake. When you need to make a decision about whether a single-sided or double sided deadbolt is best for you, first talk to a professional locksmith who knows locks well and will be able to recommend which lock is best for your needs.

Reliable Locksmith Glendale AZ

Reliable Locksmith Glendale AZ

How to Find a Reliable Locksmith Glendale AZ

Today, you never know when a bad thing could happen. For this reason, you want to make sure the protection of your family is one of your first priorities. Of course, you can make this happen by using things like reinforced doors. However, they are of little use if you do not have good locks on them. In considering this, you should make sure that you find a reputable locksmith in Glendale, Arizona, and here is some information that can help you with your search.

While you are looking for a locksmith, try to find someone who is the best at what they do. When you have this in mind, look for a reputable company, which will improve the chances of having someone ready during the times you need them the most. Ultimately, a trustworthy Reliable Locksmith Glendale AZ is one of the most significant things.

The last thing a lot of people want is someone who will waste their time or money. Also, hiring someone who is deceptive can put your family and possessions at risk. Essentially, you should look for a local company. The steps below will help you find a locksmith in Glendale, Arizona that you can trust.

The first step to find a reputable locksmith company is research. When you are searching for information about the company, also ask around. In most cases, someone will know about a locksmith they recommend or think you should avoid. Besides, the internet acts as the source for finding customer reviews about the company.

While you are researching the Reliable Locksmith Glendale AZ company, search for information about whether people recommend the company, as well as the time they have been around. Additionally, check whether people were happy with their past work. Most of the companies around today have some kind of presence online. Therefore, you should take advantage of this to find out whether the company has any kind of references among other things.

Also, if the company has a website, it’d be good to take a look at this as well. While you are looking at their website, look at things such as the company’s philosophy. Check if they are a company that has the types of services you are seeking. One thing to note is whether their website looks as if it is reputable. Also, you should see whether they are a company that will have the ability to unlock whatever it is you need within a little period.

The next step after finding a potential company involves the process of calling and asking them questions. This way you get a better feel of the type of customer service they offer. Also, ask them about their prices, as well as the types of payments they accept. You should ask whether they have any type of extra charges in some situations.

Finally, another way you can ascertain if the locksmith you have chosen is a reputable and legitimate one depends on what they do after they complete the job. A reliable locksmith company will hand over all sets of keys and do not set the system up to allow a master key, and they should inform you of all the necessary information that would be kept on file in regards to your account and the reason why.

In general, finding a good locksmith in Glendale, Arizona, is one of the most significant things that you can do for the protection of your family. In any case, always make sure that you investigate the company before allowing them to come to your home.

Spending the time searching for the perfect reputable Reliable Locksmith Glendale AZ and ensuring they meet all of the criteria listed, can save you hours of anger, frustration, and money in the long run. When it comes to protecting your loved ones and keeping your belongings safe, it is always worth the effort.

Locksmith Glendale AZ

Reliable Locksmith Glendale AZ

Ensure that you don’t fall victim to scam. There is only one locksmith in Glendale, Arizona that you can rely on; Glendale Locksmith 24. Our locksmiths provide a professional 24-hour Locksmith service across Glendale, Arizona area. You need to use a reliable locksmith for a lot of reasons in an emergency or non-emergency situation. Whatever your reasons may be, you want to be completely assured and confident you are using a company that is Credible, Trustworthy, and Fairly Priced. At Glendale Locksmith 24 we will offer just that! We aim to reach you within half an hour for emergency situations and within two hours for the equally important non-emergency situations.

High Security Locks

High Security Locks

High Security Locks and Lock Brands

High-security locks provide increased protection against attacks. Common, inexpensive locks can easily be thwarted by experienced criminals with a minimal background in lock picking.

If you use child seats in the car to protect your children, safes to protect your valuables, and insurance to protect your vehicle, why wouldn’t you invest in high security locks to keep your house protected against break-ins and theft?

High-Security Lock Characteristics

What makes high-security locks better? There are quite a few characteristics that all high-security locks share or are likely to have. These include:

  • Restrictive Keyways

Thwarts attackers by making it much harder to insert and manipulate tools within the lock.

  • Key Control

Restricts key duplication by controlling the creation and distribution of key copies, which greatly increases security. Many keys also required a security card to be presented to a locksmith to duplicate keys as well as a specialized machine to cut the keys.

  • Key Differs

Key differs is a term to describe the number of different keys that could open a lock. High security locks often have safer key differences that prevent cross keying and allow for complex master keys, which aid in resisting lockpicking and other covert methods of opening locks.

  • Manipulation Resistance

Increases resistance against lockpicking and decoding attacks. Examples of manipulation resistance characteristics in high-security locks include security pins in pin-tumbler locks or components designed to oppose break-ins attempted or key bumping.

  • Destructive/Forced Entry Resistance

Steel rods, ball bearings, and hardened materials are used to resist the physical destruction of the lock.

  • High Manufacturing Tolerances

Helps promote longevity of the lock.


Trusted Brands Offering High-Security Locks

We offer high-security locks from brands that we, as locksmiths, trust to keep our clients safe and secure. Our top three brand recommendations to keep your family and your house safe are:

  • Mul-T-Lock is a global company offering high security locks as well as smart locks and more.
  • Medeco has been offering high quality, high security locks for the last 50 years and they have become a dependable favorite.
  • Yale has millions of locks in use worldwide. They are a tried and true option with high security locks that in the top of the competition.

 High Security Locks


Do You Need To Improve Your Security? We Are Here To Help! Feel free to call us 24/7, Our locks specialists we’ll be happy to serve you!

If you have any questions about what high-security lock might be the right choice for your family, don’t hesitate. Contact Glendale Locksmith 24 today to learn about your options to secure your house and family against attack and invasion. Visit our locks page for more information: Locks Changing & Locks Installation.