High Security Locks

High Security Locks

High Security Locks and Lock Brands

High-security locks provide increased protection against attacks. Common, inexpensive locks can easily be thwarted by experienced criminals with a minimal background in lock picking.

If you use child seats in the car to protect your children, safes to protect your valuables, and insurance to protect your vehicle, why wouldn’t you invest in high security locks to keep your house protected against break-ins and theft?

High-Security Lock Characteristics

What makes high-security locks better? There are quite a few characteristics that all high-security locks share or are likely to have. These include:

  • Restrictive Keyways

Thwarts attackers by making it much harder to insert and manipulate tools within the lock.

  • Key Control

Restricts key duplication by controlling the creation and distribution of key copies, which greatly increases security. Many keys also required a security card to be presented to a locksmith to duplicate keys as well as a specialized machine to cut the keys.

  • Key Differs

Key differs is a term to describe the number of different keys that could open a lock. High security locks often have safer key differences that prevent cross keying and allow for complex master keys, which aid in resisting lockpicking and other covert methods of opening locks.

  • Manipulation Resistance

Increases resistance against lockpicking and decoding attacks. Examples of manipulation resistance characteristics in high-security locks include security pins in pin-tumbler locks or components designed to oppose break-ins attempted or key bumping.

  • Destructive/Forced Entry Resistance

Steel rods, ball bearings, and hardened materials are used to resist the physical destruction of the lock.

  • High Manufacturing Tolerances

Helps promote longevity of the lock.


Trusted Brands Offering High-Security Locks

We offer high-security locks from brands that we, as locksmiths, trust to keep our clients safe and secure. Our top three brand recommendations to keep your family and your house safe are:

  • Mul-T-Lock is a global company offering high security locks as well as smart locks and more.
  • Medeco has been offering high quality, high security locks for the last 50 years and they have become a dependable favorite.
  • Yale has millions of locks in use worldwide. They are a tried and true option with high security locks that in the top of the competition.

 High Security Locks


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