Locks Types



The need to lock up has been with Man since very early days. Ancient civilizations have been creating innovative new locks (new for their times) every since surplus production allowed hoarding of wealth. Our vast array of Locks on offer is effective for all types of wealth to be made secure. The Protection of different types of wealth has made a huge number of types of security protection mandatory. As the complexity of the need for locks multiplied with time, the Lock Types (Deadbolt, Doorknob, Lever Handle, Keyless Locks) have proliferated.

The Common Types

The simplest type we provide is the Deadbolt Lock. The Single Cylinder Deadbolts are usually used in combination on the exterior doors with a Lever Handle or keyed Door Knob. These are unlocked with a key on the outside, and a thumb turns on the inside. We also supply Double Cylinder Deadbolts. These are unlocked or locked on either side with a single key. Our Lever Lock with door handle is normally used on a back-plate. These are built up with a lever and a keyhole just under it. A key finely cut by us can be inserted into the door. This then controls a mortise sash lock.

The Latest

Our Keyless Locks are the most efficient, high security, and stylish in the market for Security and Safety today. Some of these are:

  • Bluetooth-Enabled Deadbolts.
  • Flex-Lock and Auto-Lock Keyless Locks.
  • Smart-Code Keypad Deadbolts.
  • Touchscreen Keyless Locks.
  • Deadbolts with ZWave.
  • Digital Deadbolt Door Locks.

These special Locks can be fitted by us as fully customized, to suit Customer needs perfectly.

Door Locks

The Consultation

We offer FREE Consultation to our potential and listed Customers on all aspects of Lock Systems, however large the installations. We offer the best advice to our Customers. All the Lock Types (Deadbolt, Doorknob, Lever Handle, Keyless Locks) are covered by us.