Re-Key Locks


Locks Re-keying

If you have been in a situation where your home or business keys got broken as a result of mishandling or thieves damaged your house keys and broke into your residence, this might have prompted you to consider changing your key locks. Most people in this situation do not even know that there is a better and cheaper option of re-keying their locks, rather than changing them completely.

Well, you may want to ask why this is so important? The answer is simple because you will be saving a lot of money in rekeying. Most locksmiths take advantage of the fact that people are not aware of the differences and rather than making them know the options, they recommend the costly option for their customers.

This article will give you the insight to determine whether to ‘’re-key’’ or change your locks entirely.

First, let us know what re-keying a lock means.

The process of changing an old lock with a new one is self-explanatory but rekeying a damaged lock requires some explanations. Now, to rekey a lock, the locksmith needs to have its matching key. Without the matching key, the only remedy is to pick it open, which might not be a problem for an experienced locksmith. What it requires is an extra cost which can be costly than changing the entire lock.

It is ideal to know that rekeying will not distort the security of your lock, neither will it make it more secure. What actually guarantees a lock to be secure is the number of pins in it. Therefore, it is only when the locksmith swaps the old pins with the new ones that the lock becomes better.Rekeying

There are several benefits of rekeying instead of changing the complete lock. Here are they:

Why Re-keying is a great solution? 

Cheap Key Pins

The reason rekeying is cheaper is because of cheap key pins. This method will only require you to pay for labor, whereas when you change your locks, you’re paying for both parts and labor.

One important feature to note here is that all the locks come with an option to rekey. This helps you to clear every doubt whether you need to rekey or not. However, the method of re-keying different locks is never the same because they make use of different tools.

Re-key Do by Yourself

Changing a normal house key can be done with a good screwdriver. The task does not require serious learning but needs you to have the right equipment, which may be expensive though. You can find a nice pinning tool that can re-key most locks for two hundred and fifty dollars, which invariably costs more than ten key locks.

Well, in all of these, one amazing thing with this rekeying idea is that there are new types of locks that offer an option to easily rekey, without talking the lock to a locksmith. Locks like Kwikset smart key are increasingly becoming popular as technology advances, even when they can sometimes develop faults.

Conclusively, comparing the differences between re-keying locks and changing locks, I’ll recommend a re-key, especially are in good condition.