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Why you need a spare key for your car and home and how to hide them

When you find yourself locked out or that your keys have been lost or stolen, it suddenly becomes apparent as to why it’s important to keep a spare key in an out-of-the-way spot where only you will be able to access it when needed. The following are the reasons why you need a spare key for your car and home and how to hide them.

Hide a spare key in a spot that is not obvious. You’ve probably heard of people who tuck a spare house key under the welcome mat or in a magnetic compartment within reach on their vehicle. While hiding the spare is a great idea, it’s very important that you take care of where or how you choose to hide them. You don’t want a crook to lift your welcome mat and enter your home.

Spare KeyThe best place to keep a hidden key is with a trusted friend, neighbor, or family member who is willing to bring you the key when you need it. If a neighbor or a close-by friend or relative is not an option, use some creativity and keep a spare key hidden in these clever places:

Tucked In Your Vinyl Siding of Your Home – Tie your key to a string of fishing line, and find a specific spot in your vinyl that is unsuspecting to passers-by. When it comes time to use the spare key, simply go to the spot and pull the fishing line to recover the key.

Bury the key – Find a spot in your yard, preferably not near the front door, where you can buy your key. To make sure the key does not rust and that you can retrieve it when needed, first place it inside a plastic medicine bottle. Under The Deck out of sight or inside a dryer vent or meter box are a couple of clever spots as well.

Inside a Birdhouse – Tucked under your welcome mat is a welcome invitation for a thief, but who would suspect the bird’s house contains a key to your front door.

Underneath the Dog House or On Dog’s Collar – If a burglar has to potentially disturb a dog to find your key, it is definitely a deterrent. So, hiding your key under the dog house is a good idea. An even safer place to discreetly and securely attach it directly to your dog’s collar.

Out of Sight On Your Car – If you store your car key inside a magnetic box under the bumper, make sure it is tucked away in an unsuspecting spot or in a box that requires a combination or key to open. If the key is a traditional metal cut key, you can unscrew one of your license plate screws and slip the key onto the bolt behind the license plate.

Keyless Entry Locks – If you are prone to losing your keys, an electronic keyless entry system may be your best idea. These systems do away with the need for a key altogether.

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When you cannot find your keys or your keys are locked inside, you will be glad that you have tucked away a spare key. Our professionals at Glendale Locksmith 24 are ready to come to your location when you lose your car or home key and wish you had taken the time to hide a spare.